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The Country Yellow Pages Nigeria. The A-Z Trade Directory is published in Nigeria by Dionysius Nigeria Enterprises Limited. The company that has made it her duties to publish to the public useful information that will aid business and economy growth of Nigeria in many dimensions.

The purpose of the publication, COUNTRY YELLOW PAGES is to expose generally to the business community both in Nigeria and overseas, the type of business and products available in Nigeria. The directory which is a comprehensive list of many known and important business houses in Nigeria will also assist top business executives and professionals in their day -to-day business contacts throughout the country. The directory is an ideal compendium for business campaign and research activities in Nigeria. The directory is also good for Federal Government, State Government, and the Local Government to help the tears of government to choose which company should be awarded a particular contract.

SUBSCRIPTION IN COUNTRY YELLOW PAGES: Subscriptions in our publication, especially from reputable organizations, companies and professional firms are free without any obligation whatsoever. Moreover, we have some reputable companies and organization, professional bodies and associations in Nigeria that paid for registration.

Once you paid, you are entitled to a copy of the publication free off charge. If you pay for two or more companies, a copy of Country Yellow Pages will be delivered to each company. The advantage of payment for registration cannot be over emphasized. We shall make sure that we publish all the necessary information about your company and all the branches or subsidiaries both in Nigeria and outside the country. I will rather say that it is very important to pay for registration. The subscribers are descriptively listed under their very nature of business or profession.

However, a subscriber can be listed under more than one item of productions or services; provided appropriate information is furnished. Applications for new entries or amendment for the new entries as for the next issue of the directory should be sent to our e-mail address and it should be addressed to: The publication Manager.
The publication Manager has the absolute right either to accept or reject any application without any explanation.

SALES: The directory is sold in NIPOST/ post office in Lagos, Abuja and Nasarawa State for now; very soon it will be sold in all the NIPOST/ post office in Nigeria. We can also get the publication in all major bookshops in Nigeria and also all International and local airport nationwide. We have some agencies in Nigeria and overseas. We can get the agencies in Nigeria and overseas in our website. Log on to www.countryyellowpages.net for more information about our distribution network.

ADVERTISEMENT: Country Yellow Pages is the best and only publication in Nigeria where you can place your advert and get value for your money and returns in terms of profitability. The publication last for more than a year. We distribute the book to all companies and organizations in 36 States and FCT.

CIRCULATION FIGURE: The circulation figure of this publication every year is between 250,000 to 350,000 copies yearly. In our own case, we print every time we observed that we are short of stock or the one we have in circulation has been exhausted. By so doing, we always exceed our target every year because the demand for the book is very high. Everybody needs useful information to carry on because information is power. The book also distributed outside the country through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our international agencies worldwide.

INACCURACIES & OMISSIONS: We work harder to make sure that we publish a world standard directory and the best yearly. While every care has been taken to ensure that accuracy of every information contained in this directory, the publisher does not accept liability for any inaccuracy or omission as may be unavoidably occasioned in a directory of this nature. However, omission, inaccuracies, complaints and amendments to any of the entries should be sent to the advert manager through our e-mail address: nationalyellowpages@yahoo.com, we shall take an urgent step to make sure that the mistake is corrected in the next edition of our publication, COUNTRY YELLOW PAGES .

GENERAL COMPLAINTS, SUGGESTION & ENQUIRIES: The management will appreciate it if you can call us or send us an e-mail for any enquiries whatsoever about our publication, both present and past publications. Our managers are always available tackle any question asked. We open from 8:00AM to 5:00PM daily, Monday to Friday except public holiday. Feel free to call us because we are waiting to hear your advice, suggestion, and purchase of the publication, advert placement or how we can help your business to grow in this country. The publisher will be too pleased to welcome any suggestion for any future improvement of Country Yellow Pages.

OWNERSHIP OF THE PUBLICATION: The directory is the sole property of Dionysius Nigeria Enterprises Limited. Should then be any need for reproduction or reprint for any purpose, express permission from the publisher should be obtained. We also enjoy the support of Federal, State and Local Government in this publication. The book can be CUSTOMIZED for your company, Ministries & Parastatals or Agencies, Government, Group of Companies, Association and corporate bodies. Call our G.M Marketing for this purpose.

APPRECIATION: The publisher wishes to express his profound appreciation to the numerous subscribers and advertisers who responded quickly to the enquiries. The publisher will always keep the contents of every issue of the directory very well up-to-date. Our appreciation also go to our partners in progress, those that cannot do without making sure that their advert and information are listed in this publication every year. We promise to do our best to keep the flag flying and we will not disappoint you.

Payment for Update of information and Advert Placement can be paid to any of the account names and in any of the banks stated below (E-Payment System):

A/C Name: Country Yellow Pages Directory.
Bank: Zenith Bank Plc.
A/c No: 1012747536
Sort Code: 057151258

A/C Name: Country Yellow Pages Directory.
Bank: First Bank Plc.
A/c No: 2020704409
Sort Code: 011152484

A/C Name: Dionysius Nig. Enter. Ltd
Bank: Zenith Bank Plc.
A/c No: 1011936160
Sort Code: 057150136

A/C Name: Dionysius Nig. Enter. Ltd
Bank: United Bank for Africa (UBA)
A/c No: 1004604623
Sort Code: 033150420

A/C Name: Dionysius Nig. Enter. Ltd
Bank: Ecobank Nig. Plc
A/c No: 3752001618
Sort Code: 056150629